January/February competition results


The Dart Vader book competition closed on the 29th of February 2016 and I drew the winner on the 1st of March (this was the 61st day of the year and also the seed number for the random draw). Below is the script I used to draw the winner, implemented in R.


Cover of the Darth Vader notebook

The competition was quite a lot of fun with many entries and 116 correct answers.

Thank you for participating!

I am planning to have more competitions through the year with prizes like this or other items I make (examples here).

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Script used for Darth Vader competition draw.

Number of contestants 116 – in alphabetical order.

Seed value 61 – This is the day number of the draw.

#Random draw script - written to be implemented in R 
#Darth Vader Notebook

#(added in alphabetical order using the names provided by them (if 2 names are the same a unique number will be provided to each))
contestants <- c("aarone mawdsley","Alex Fowler","Alexandru Rusu","Amanda","Amy","andrea tinkler","Andrea V","Andrew","Angela Hogan","angela parkinson","Anneka Hulse","Annie","Audrey Stewart","Audrey Tebbs","Betony Bennett","Birgit","Brian Hatch","Carol boffey","carolyn joyce","catherine burke","Cathleen King","cazzie","Champaklal Lad","Charmian Filewood","Chris kind r (sssixxx)","Christian Bush","Cindy Nelson-Viljoen","CJ Macmanus","Colin Gault","corinne peat (@corinne555)","cosmonauty","Crystal Donohue","Dan Goodfellow","Dave Harrington","Dawn Wright","debbie","debbie jackson","Deborah Colucci","Deborah mcilwham scanlon","Dilshu","don erwood","duke lane","elle.dee.see","ellie spider","Fabian R","Gabriel Atienza","Hayley Austin","hayleywigboldus","Heather","hoofsweep","Howard Sleight","iain maciver","Ida Lindberg","Isla Salisbury","Jess M Woods","Jesse L.","John McNamara","Jonathan Khoo","Joy Kehoe","Julia Mason","Justin Anderson","Karen Dixon","karen hill","Karen Howden","Karin Olsson","Karla R.","keely smith","Kirsty Woods","Kyomi Johnson","laura power","lisa ann tebbutt","Lorraine","lynn neal","Lysa JP","Magdalena","Mandy Doherty","martin smith","mechelle williamson","Michelle Bruce","Morag Downie","Mrs Rachel Heap","Nathachia Pierre","Neil Dobson","Nicola Glover","Nikki Jones","olgavp","Pam Smith","paul jackson","PJ (@DudeVaper)","Racheal M","Rachel","Raine","rita martins","Rosanna Corpin","Ruth Wollerton","Ruy M.","Samantha Sophia Felton","Sami K.","sandy ralph","sarah rees","Scott Fallon","sean","Shaun tutt","sheridarby","shreya y","Simon Harrington","skye","Stella Martis","Susan Trubey","Suzy","sylvia spall","Tegan","Tim Graham","Wanda Patterson","wibeke fredell","Victoria Thurgood")
#the seed is the day of the current year on which the draw is held
#1 March 2016 = day 61

#--The Draw
winner <- sample(contestants, size=1, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)

Darth Vader book competition – Closed!


I like to make books, I like Star Wars and I like to give away stuff. I thus combined all three these things and made a book with Darth Vader on the cover that I will give away and hopefully generate some advertisement for my shop on Etsy – Induku.

The 3 easy steps to enter and stand a chance to win this awesome of the one-of-a-kind, hand-made notebook are below this picture:

darth vader main

Win this notebook!

There are 3 easy steps to enter:

  1. Like the Induku Facebook page (here).
  2. Share this post on Facebook by clicking here.
  3. Leave a comment on this blog with your answer by clicking here. The easy question is: What is the material I use in all of my projects?
    • Hint: you can see it in every item in my shop.
    • VERY IMPORTANT to leave a comment as this will allow me to enter your name into the draw.


Competition conditions:

  • By entering you agree to abide by these rules as well as the conditions below:
  • The competition will end on the 29th of February  2016 and the winner will be chosen on 1 March 2016.
  • Your answer will be displayed in the comment section of this post and only the first answer per contestant will be valid.
  • A random winner will be selected if more than one person have the correct answer.
  • A valid email address is required for you to be contacted (this will not be displayed or shared).

Good luck!

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The story of this book (and more images):

This cover is one of the first things I cut with the scroll saw. For a long time I did not know what to do with this image until I decided to make books and wooden covers seemed to be an excellent idea. This cover was thus laying in my workshop for almost a year with several other items that I like but have very little use.

darth vader front

darth vader open

For some reason I really enjoy binding books, especially using coptic stitching. My shop is thus slowly filling up with handmade books. Some of these I don’t want to sell (like the one in this competition) and I am therefore having this competition. I also need to generate some traffic to my online shop and this seemed a good way to do so (any shares on any social or other media would thus be very much appreciated).

darth vader bind

darth vader stich

I have loads of ideas of what to cut on the front cover. Most of these will be my own design or modifications of images that I like.The Darth Vader image in on this book is a bit of an exception since I was mostly testing my scroll saw at the time and wanted to cut an image rather than design one.

I will post some of my new projects on this site, including new books with some of my designs. I would, however, like to do more commission work and if anyone wants a custom, hand made, book or notebook do not hesitate to contact me with your idea.

Technical details:

Size of book 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8 x 8.3 inches) – A5 international paper dimensions.
14 signatures (140 pages)

The pages are bound with Coptic stitching displayed on the spine – this goes well with the general look of the covers.The stitching is done with bees-waxed embroidery floss. Coptic stitching allows the book to open completely and lay flat when writing/drawing/painting.


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