January/February competition results


The Dart Vader book competition closed on the 29th of February 2016 and I drew the winner on the 1st of March (this was the 61st day of the year and also the seed number for the random draw). Below is the script I used to draw the winner, implemented in R.


Cover of the Darth Vader notebook

The competition was quite a lot of fun with many entries and 116 correct answers.

Thank you for participating!

I am planning to have more competitions through the year with prizes like this or other items I make (examples here).

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Script used for Darth Vader competition draw.

Number of contestants 116 – in alphabetical order.

Seed value 61 – This is the day number of the draw.

#Random draw script - written to be implemented in R 
#Darth Vader Notebook

#(added in alphabetical order using the names provided by them (if 2 names are the same a unique number will be provided to each))
contestants <- c("aarone mawdsley","Alex Fowler","Alexandru Rusu","Amanda","Amy","andrea tinkler","Andrea V","Andrew","Angela Hogan","angela parkinson","Anneka Hulse","Annie","Audrey Stewart","Audrey Tebbs","Betony Bennett","Birgit","Brian Hatch","Carol boffey","carolyn joyce","catherine burke","Cathleen King","cazzie","Champaklal Lad","Charmian Filewood","Chris kind r (sssixxx)","Christian Bush","Cindy Nelson-Viljoen","CJ Macmanus","Colin Gault","corinne peat (@corinne555)","cosmonauty","Crystal Donohue","Dan Goodfellow","Dave Harrington","Dawn Wright","debbie","debbie jackson","Deborah Colucci","Deborah mcilwham scanlon","Dilshu","don erwood","duke lane","elle.dee.see","ellie spider","Fabian R","Gabriel Atienza","Hayley Austin","hayleywigboldus","Heather","hoofsweep","Howard Sleight","iain maciver","Ida Lindberg","Isla Salisbury","Jess M Woods","Jesse L.","John McNamara","Jonathan Khoo","Joy Kehoe","Julia Mason","Justin Anderson","Karen Dixon","karen hill","Karen Howden","Karin Olsson","Karla R.","keely smith","Kirsty Woods","Kyomi Johnson","laura power","lisa ann tebbutt","Lorraine","lynn neal","Lysa JP","Magdalena","Mandy Doherty","martin smith","mechelle williamson","Michelle Bruce","Morag Downie","Mrs Rachel Heap","Nathachia Pierre","Neil Dobson","Nicola Glover","Nikki Jones","olgavp","Pam Smith","paul jackson","PJ (@DudeVaper)","Racheal M","Rachel","Raine","rita martins","Rosanna Corpin","Ruth Wollerton","Ruy M.","Samantha Sophia Felton","Sami K.","sandy ralph","sarah rees","Scott Fallon","sean","Shaun tutt","sheridarby","shreya y","Simon Harrington","skye","Stella Martis","Susan Trubey","Suzy","sylvia spall","Tegan","Tim Graham","Wanda Patterson","wibeke fredell","Victoria Thurgood")
#the seed is the day of the current year on which the draw is held
#1 March 2016 = day 61

#--The Draw
winner <- sample(contestants, size=1, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)

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