Chain Clock

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I bought a few clock mechanism with the idea of making a small rolling marble clock. This project is still on the table but it is a bit more complicated that I anticipated… I decided to use the clock mechanism in the meantime for another project that I had in mind: A chain clock kit (for sale here).

Download the assembly instructions here!

This new kit is sold with the quartz mechanism, the laser-cut wood parts and a whole bunch of toothpicks. The model is reasonably easy to assemble. It does however take some time to construct the chain. It is a good intermediate level model available in the shop.

chain_clock (3)

The chain clock kit 

The way to read the clock is simple. When the number is at the top it is that hour. E.g. When the 2 is on top it is 2h 00m. As the chain moves the number will move. E.g. at 2h 10m the number 2 will be at the 10 minute indicator to the right printed on the face. At half past the 2 will be horizontal and the 3 will be exactly opposite it.

I use one of these clocks in my workshop and it has been running for almost 4 months now without any problems. Since the chain is reasonably balanced there is no excessive strain on the mechanism and I think it will work for years to come.

chain_clock (5)

I will continue to make some novel clocks and hope to at some stage design a clock kit where the whole mechanism is made from wood.