Chain Clock

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I bought a few clock mechanism with the idea of making a small rolling marble clock. This project is still on the table but it is a bit more complicated that I anticipated… I decided to use the clock mechanism in the meantime for another project that I had in mind: A chain clock kit (for sale here).

Download the assembly instructions here!

This new kit is sold with the quartz mechanism, the laser-cut wood parts and a whole bunch of toothpicks. The model is reasonably easy to assemble. It does however take some time to construct the chain. It is a good intermediate level model available in the shop.

chain_clock (3)

The chain clock kit 

The way to read the clock is simple. When the number is at the top it is that hour. E.g. When the 2 is on top it is 2h 00m. As the chain moves the number will move. E.g. at 2h 10m the number 2 will be at the 10 minute indicator to the right printed on the face. At half past the 2 will be horizontal and the 3 will be exactly opposite it.

I use one of these clocks in my workshop and it has been running for almost 4 months now without any problems. Since the chain is reasonably balanced there is no excessive strain on the mechanism and I think it will work for years to come.

chain_clock (5)

I will continue to make some novel clocks and hope to at some stage design a clock kit where the whole mechanism is made from wood.



Maze Puzzle Kit

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I designed a new maze puzzle kit. This is a classic game where a ball needs to be moved through a maze by tilting it BUT in this version the tilting is done by a simple mechanical mechanism. The mechanism is operated by two knobs that are rotated. Available here!


The kit is quite fun to build and I think it is currently one of the simplest Induku wooden model kits. It ships in an envelope with all the parts and instructions included.

Free download of the building instructions available here:

download logo.jpg




Mini Puzzle Box

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Since I discovered puzzle boxes I wanted one. I still want to, one day, own a high quality decorative box that require more than 50 steps to open. Because I have access to  a laser cutter and some thin wood I decided to make my own (I made a few and will give some away comment on the video to stand a chance to win one).

I call this box the ibhokisi. It is the Zulu word for box. I made several prototypes until I had one that I could sell as a kit. This kit is small enough to fit into a postcard sized envelope and makes a lovely gift “card”. I also personalize the the box by engraving a message or name on one of the sides: get yours here!

puzzle box (8)

The whole kit.

Plans to construct the box is included and also show how to open and close the box. Download it here:

puzzle box

A video with some instructions to make assembly easier is available HERE:

puzzle box (6)

All the bits and pieces.

I am not sure exactly how to count the number of steps but if each separate move is a step it takes 13 moves to open the box. The majority of these steps is navigating through the maze on the one side of the inner drawer of the box.

I am also not exactly sure where I saw this type of mechanism and cannot find it online at this stage. I have however seen it somewhere and any comments/links to the origin of this mechanism would be appreciated.

puzzle box (2).jpg

Opened successfully.

Lastly, in a shameless attempt to grow my YouTube channel I am going to give away several of these box kits:

  • I will give one to the first subscriber of my channel that comment on the box video (to be uploaded soon).
  • I will give a  kit to one of the first 10 commenters  on the box video (chosen at random – must be a subscriber).
  • I will give a  kit to one of the first 100 commenters  on the box video (chosen at random – must be a subscriber).
  • I will continue to give a box away for every 10 fold increase in comments, as long as I live (assuming YouTube is still around and this video is still available through them).
  • Full instructions will be posted online.

Subscribe to my channel now to get an update of when the video is uploaded and comment first (or soon to increase your chances of getting a box kit) – IF you want a puzzle box of your own.

I will make more puzzle boxes in the future. I will make them larger and more intricate with novel mechanisms (some of these are already rolling around in my head). I am very happy with the final version of this first mini puzzle box and are looking forward to designing more.


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