June – what is it – competition results.


The “What is it competition” closed on the 20th of June 2016 and I drew the winner on the 21st  (this was the 173rd day of the year and also the seed number for the random draw). Below is the script I used to draw the winner, implemented in R. The winner will receive one of the boxes and a bonus pendant.


The answer to the question!


The prize.

I decided to make several of these pendants. Here they are acting silly before being cut.


Silly skulls.


Size of the new pendant – in store soon.

The competition had only 2 correct answers and not a lot of participation – but no worries. The next competition might have more exciting prizes and more hype!

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Script used for Darth Vader competition draw.

Number of contestants 2- in alphabetical order.

Seed value 173 – This is the day number of the draw.

#Random draw script - written to be implemented in R 

#--What is it? - Boxes--

#(added in alphabetical order using the names provided by them (if 2 names are the same a unique number will be provided to each))
contestants <- c("Ernest","Lindsey")
#the seed is the day of the current year on which the draw is held
#21 June 2016 = day 173

#--The Draw
winner <- sample(contestants, size=1, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)


Competition – What is this! – Closed


This competition is closed.

I am making something new. It is something quite small and soon there will be several of these in my shop. You can win one of these items AND I will include one bonus prize (also from my shop Induku) to the winner!

The question is: what am I making?


What is this?

There are  2 easy steps to enter and stand a chance to win:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog with your answer by clicking here. The question is: What am I making ?
    • Hint: See the image above
    • VERY IMPORTANT to leave a comment as this will allow me to enter your name into the draw.
  2. Subscribe to the Induku newsletter by clicking here – only required if you are not already subscribed!

If no one can guess the correct answer all the names will be entered into a draw and a winner will be chosen at random.

The reason for this competition is to, hopefully, generate some advertisement for my shop on Etsy Induku and to generate some traction for the Newsletter. If you are interested in this kind of competition, this where it will be announced.

I would of course appreciate any likes and shares via Facebook, Twitter etc 🙂

Competition conditions:

  • By entering you agree to abide by these rules as well as the conditions below:
  • The competition will close on the 20th of June 2016 and the winner will be chosen on 21 June 2016.
  • Your answer will be displayed in the comment section of this post and only the first answer per contestant will be valid.
  • A random winner will be selected if more than one person or no person have the correct answer.
  • A valid email address is required for you to be contacted (this will not be displayed or shared).

Good luck!

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Competition result – It’s a stitched wooden cover!


The first competition on this site and the winner has been chosen and informed.

The question was what it the item in the picture below:


I gave several hints to make it possible to get the correct answer (a wooden cover for a notebook see next image – or more photos here). I will post a full blog on how this book was made at a later stage.

wooden cover notebook

There were two correct guesses (the second just in time – given that I had to convert the time to where the comment originated). In a random draw the winner was chosen (see output below).


More competitions will follow and the next item to win will be a wooden covered notebook with a Darth Vader cut out on the cover. Follow this blog or the Facebook page to see when this happens!


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Next competition item preview…20150318_203949