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I designed a new maze puzzle kit. This is a classic game where a ball needs to be moved through a maze by tilting it BUT in this version the tilting is done by a simple mechanical mechanism. The mechanism is operated by two knobs that are rotated. Available here!


The kit is quite fun to build and I think it is currently one of the simplest Induku wooden model kits. It ships in an envelope with all the parts and instructions included.

Free download of the building instructions available here:

download logo.jpg




Wooden Laptop Cases

New Item

After I made the steampunk Raspberry Pi Laptop (this one) several people commented that it is “nice”. But while many liked the case, the computer hardware was not something they would be interested in. A better idea would would be to make cases that to carry a modern laptop. The final result is wooden laptop cases that will fit a 13″ Macbook Pro (the version with retina display – see full specifications here). Click on each of the images to learn more the specific laptop case.


They are currently for sale (here) and the back is mostly open where a custom name can be placed as exemplified in the following image. They are therefore only partly finished and will get their final coats of lacquer after this has been done.


There is one laptop case that is not finished yet. I have a blue felt interior and silver fittings. Any suggestions on what image to place on the cover would be nice.


Dragon Laptop Case

The Celtic Knot Dragon is quite popular. On this case the dragon is on the front cover and the Triquetra on the back. It has a blue felt interior where the laptop is stored (buy it here).

Click on the pictures for larger images:

Reading Woman Laptop Case

I combined the images of a woman reading and a flower with a humming bird sprouting from the book as the front cover of this case. The back cover has 4 disks with flowers as the feet when the case is open. It has a red felt interior where the laptop is stored (buy it here).

Click on the pictures for larger images:

NOTE – the cases are made from plywood that warp with humidity. The bottom of the case is slightly warped and this can be seen when the it is placed on a flat surface (see video). The extend that it warps depends on the humidity and other factors. Over time the warping may reduce as the sheets of wood align with each other.

Jurassic Laptop Case

I combined the images small child reaching and a T-Rex bending down as the cover for this laptop. It is a bit of a dramatic scene and open for interpretation. The back cover has 4 T-Rex prints that serve as feet when the case is open. It has a red felt interior where the laptop is stored (buy it here).

Click on the pictures for larger images:

Specifications of the laptop cases

The laptop case is made from Baltic Birch plywood. It has a compartment for a 13″ MacBook Pro retina display laptop. It has a side compartment for the cable and charger. The back compartment is large enough to fit standard size papers and books (A4 and letter).

Weight (empty): 2.1 kg (4.7 lbs)

Outer dimensions (including feet and handle): 33 x 42 x 8 cm (12 x 16.5 x 3.2 inches)

Laptop compartment: 32.5 x 26.5 x 1.8 cm (12.8 x 10.5 x 0.71 inches)

Back compartment: 33 x 27 x 2.8 cm (13 x 10.6 x 11 inches)

Cable compartment (note – a recess is made in the back compartment where the charger fits): 33 x 5 x 5.6 cm (13 x 2 x 2.2 inches)

Additional features:

  • One side of the laptop compartment has a space where the charger, earphones and other cables can be plugged in while the laptop is used within the case.
  • The case ships with a shoulder strap that attach to the sides of the case. This strap can be replaced easily with any other type of shoulder strap.
  • There is a chain that will stop the case to be opened completely. This in combination with the small feet at the bottom will allow the laptop to be used without taking it from the case (example).
  • The felt interior provides a soft compartment to protect the laptop.
  • The back cover has space for a custom name. They are thus not completely lacquered on this side.

Note – the laptop case will ONLY FIT THE RETINA DISPLAY  13″ MacBook Pro and NOT THE OLDER 13″ MacBooks Pro models. The retina display model has a depth of 18 mm – which will fit perfectly in the felt covered compartment. Thinner models will fit but may require a additional sleeve or padding

Note – the laptop cases are made from wood and is NOT WATER PROOF. It is covered with several coats of polyurethane lacquer and is therefore splash proof. If it gets wet it is recommended that you wipe dry it with a cloth as soon as possible. It will also keep the laptop dry from minor splashes but water my get into the paper compartment. It should not be used in the rain.

Note – the cases are made from plywood that warps with humidity and other factors. The warping may reduce over time.

Note – it is easier to store the cables after the laptop compartment has been closed. It is also better to remove the cables before the laptop compartment is opened (makes for a neater opening and easier to get the charger).

Note – the case can carry up to 5 kg including the laptop. More weigh may place unnecessary strain on the wooden components and attachments.

How it is  made

A full blog will follow on how I made the laptop cases. There will also be additional images on the case that has been sold and reasoning for the design choices and laptop sizes. Subscribe to this blog or follow me on YouTube to get the post and video as it is released.





June – what is it – competition results.


The “What is it competition” closed on the 20th of June 2016 and I drew the winner on the 21st  (this was the 173rd day of the year and also the seed number for the random draw). Below is the script I used to draw the winner, implemented in R. The winner will receive one of the boxes and a bonus pendant.


The answer to the question!


The prize.

I decided to make several of these pendants. Here they are acting silly before being cut.


Silly skulls.


Size of the new pendant – in store soon.

The competition had only 2 correct answers and not a lot of participation – but no worries. The next competition might have more exciting prizes and more hype!

To remain informed on what is happening at Induku and when there is a new competition please subscribe to the Induku newsletter:



–  –  –

Script used for Darth Vader competition draw.

Number of contestants 2- in alphabetical order.

Seed value 173 – This is the day number of the draw.

#Random draw script - written to be implemented in R 

#--What is it? - Boxes--

#(added in alphabetical order using the names provided by them (if 2 names are the same a unique number will be provided to each))
contestants <- c("Ernest","Lindsey")
#the seed is the day of the current year on which the draw is held
#21 June 2016 = day 173

#--The Draw
winner <- sample(contestants, size=1, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)