June – what is it – competition results.


The “What is it competition” closed on the 20th of June 2016 and I drew the winner on the 21st  (this was the 173rd day of the year and also the seed number for the random draw). Below is the script I used to draw the winner, implemented in R. The winner will receive one of the boxes and a bonus pendant.


The answer to the question!


The prize.

I decided to make several of these pendants. Here they are acting silly before being cut.


Silly skulls.


Size of the new pendant – in store soon.

The competition had only 2 correct answers and not a lot of participation – but no worries. The next competition might have more exciting prizes and more hype!

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–  –  –

Script used for Darth Vader competition draw.

Number of contestants 2- in alphabetical order.

Seed value 173 – This is the day number of the draw.

#Random draw script - written to be implemented in R 

#--What is it? - Boxes--

#(added in alphabetical order using the names provided by them (if 2 names are the same a unique number will be provided to each))
contestants <- c("Ernest","Lindsey")
#the seed is the day of the current year on which the draw is held
#21 June 2016 = day 173

#--The Draw
winner <- sample(contestants, size=1, replace = FALSE, prob = NULL)


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