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I bought a scroll saw in the beginning of 2015. I decided a scroll saw is an ideal tool for me to work with since I like making small detailed things using wood. I spent a lot of time researching scroll saws since I know this would be one of the main tools I would use in many of my projects. I wanted one that was reasonably good quality and thus not the cheapest, big-store, specials (although there are often some good quality specials on tools which I have bought).

This is the machine I bought:

hegner (2)

The scroll saw in my shop

It is a Hegner, variable speed, scroll saw with a throat depth of 365 mm. In addition I bought a foot switch which allows me to start and stop the machine without removing my hands from the work piece – similar to a sowing machine . It is also reasonably quiet (64 -74 db). I also got the stand with the saw which is very nice since it is very sturdy but also has a small footprint. I did, however, cut the legs a few centimeters shorter to fit me better when I am seated at the machine.

A number of people have asked me how the saw work. I have made several videos where I use the scroll saw. Below are one but more can be seen here:

the sawing begins at 0:42

Initially I was worried that it would be very difficult to use and thus money down the drain. Luckily I did quite a bit of sewing just after moving (curtains required, also made a denim tarp), and this helped since the operation is very similar to a sewing machine. I also found a number of online resources (links at the end of the post*). These were quite helpful to work through and I learned a lot – from the of the basic theory and techniques to the more complex  techniques and difficult cuts.

The first few pieces had a few flaws but I was happy with my first attempts:

hegner (1)

The first scrolled letters I tried

hegner (3)

The first item I made

I bought some cheap plywood and were able to cut several images. I think I improved a bit and moved on to birch plywood of a better quality. My favorite items to make are book covers and I think some of these are quite nice (or at least unique) and I sell some of these on my Etsy store – Induku.


My most recent book – read more here


One of the most detailed patterns I designed and cut


A small puzzle from the leftover pieces of the cat book cover

I have also made loads of pendants which I also sell.


My favorite pendant to celebrate surviving Borrelia


Dog paw pendant


South Park on a Sting


A bit grim for every-day wear

I like to make other random things.


A commissioned mood barometer – read all about it here


Commissioned keychains

I am quite proud of the dart cabinet that I made. I designed the front picture and score sheet. I wrote a full post on how I made it – read it here.

dart_cabinet (11)

Cover on dart cabinet

Finally, I got the plans for a wooden clock for my birthday from Carina. This is something that I looked at for several years bored many people with my stories of how I am going to make one. I thus bought the wood and started cutting the pieces. The going is a bit slow but the process thus far is quite fun. I will post more updates as I go.

I am really quite happy with this machine and can recommend it for anyone who want to make small wooden objects. I will continue to post some of the projects I make. I also really want to make a few chess sets in my lifetime and at least one using a scroll saw. I have not done this yet…


**Useful links I used for learning how to use a scroll saw:



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