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This website is mostly about the stuff that happens at Induku and the things I like to make. However, my workspace is also occupied by several felines and I often find them in the workshop when making things. Additionally I have made a few items for them (see here).

I thus wrote this post to introduce the cats that form part of Induku: We originally got Donkie (male) and Kwagga (female) at the end of 2014. Donkie is not fond of the workshop and does not really spend time with me when I am working. Kwagga on the other hand, loves to sit on the chair next to me when I work and have been doing so since she was a kitten.


Kwagga on the chair


Small Kwagga in the workshop

However, Kwagga “died” during Christmas, for a while at least, and this left a void in the shop (read about her disappearance and return here). During her absence we got Kameel (read more about how she came to live with us here). She also seemed to like sitting with me where I work and thus became the second cat in the workshop.


Kameel ready to enter

With Kwagga’s return I now have 2 cats that try to occupy the extra chair in the workshop. Sometimes they manage to sleep together on the chair but more often one finds another place close by (they do however get along very well).


Kameel on the chair


In the sanding drawer


Following the large cat

They seem quite happy, even if there is a bit of noise. The state of the shop does not bother them and Kwagga sometimes actively lay in the sawdust. This does mean that I have spent several evenings not only cleaning the shop, but also dusting off the cat and sweeping the whole basement floor to remove sawdust cat prints.


Kwagga spreading dust


Destroyer of Uppsala notebooks


Cat pendant as competition prize (more information here)


More cat inspired things

I am happy with the company they provide and some of the items I make have a cat based theme (an example). The workshop would not be the same without them.



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