Box and Hinge


I recently made Scrabble box and had several requests for the files (full post on how to make it here). I thus make them available for download here:




board.pdf (just a square board with 15×15 grid)

A few notes on the files.

  • The files are uncompressed PDF’s and it should be possible to import it into most drawing programs and get the vector lines.
  • The board has scoring lines in blue and I usually engrave these at 15% power on a 40 Watt laser.
  • The hinge parts fits onto a 4 mm dowel. The octagon parts will make the hinge a bit more stiff. I glue 3 octagon parts onto the dowel in place and use 2 round parts to pivot on for a loose hinge. For a stiffer hinge use 5 octagon parts with 3 glued to the dowel.
  • There is this awesome site to generate custom boxes: The boxes I made here and here was made by editing designs from this site.
  • I do not share any games that might be copyrighted but check out Wikipedia for any rules that you may want to know and pieces that are required for any game. Some are just simple squares with some writing on.

Here is a few photos of the hinges and boxes I refer to (or you can watch the full build videos here  – I would love it if you subscribe to my you-tube channel 🙂  boxes (1)boxes (4)boxes (2)boxes (3)

More projects and maybe some other plans soon…


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